Workshop Submissions

Workshop Proposal: We invite teams or individuals interested in organizing a workshop to submit proposals. Workshops are intended to bring together researchers, developers, technology providers, practicitioners and users. Workshops may target a specific application area, specific research area, or a topic of general interest. Workshops are intended to be interactive. Workshops may include a curated panel

Workshop Guidelines:

Teams must submit a 2 page pdf proposal that addresses the following:

  • Workshop title (and acronym if applicable)
  • The goal of organising the workshop
  • Has the workshop been organised before?
    • If yes, how many times has it been previously organised?
    • If the workshop has been organised before, how many people attended last time?
  • Primary organiser name
  • Primary organiser email
  • Names, contact information, and short bios of all the organisers (one page max)
  • Other speakers and/or contributors
  • Whether you want to organise your workshop online or on-site (at the conference)
  • Attendee technical requirements (if any) beyond video conferencing (e.g.,hardware/software required to fully participate)
  • Target audience and/or attendee prerequisites
  • Type of output from the workshop e.g., position paper, videos, collection of shortpapers, etc.

The Workshop teams should also submit a document to be used for marketing purposesof the workshop. The marketing PDF should include:

  • The workshop title and acronym
  • Expected workshop date(s) (tentative to change depending on conference limitations)
  • Whether the workshop is organised online or on-site (at the conference)
  • The workshop website
  • A brief overview and description of the workshop (500 words or less)
  • A list of the workshop’s topics
  • The workshop’s format and submission guidelines, including for example speakers ,discussion format, duration, topics, types of acceptable papers (e.g., research papers, position papers), acceptable lengths, and acceptable format (i.e., ACM format). A list of important dates (if applicable to the format), including
    • Abstract deadline (if applicable)
    • Submission deadline
    • Notification dealine
    • Camera-ready deadline
  • A list of the workshop organisers, including their affiliations and how to contact them