WELCOME Faculty and Computing Pros!

This conference is all about what you can share! From high school, undergrad, or graduate level, we want to provide networking and connections for the next generation. Bring your students and your knowledge to share.


Why should you bring your students?

How can they get involved? How can I?

Students and young professionals are invited to participate in the following ways:

More seasoned professionals and faculty are invited to encourage their students and young employees to participate, join them, present a talk about your current research or your personal journey. How do you balance your life with your work? Can your college, university, or employer offer scholarships to students? Lots of opportunities!

Cool – how much does it cost?

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This conference began in 2010 with the goal of knocking down the steriotypes and bringing people together. ACM Celebrations of Women in Computing help provide students with an affordable opportunity to participate in a regional conference and connect with other women of the field. These conferences provide networking between professional women and students, build community, and break down any feelings of isolation.

Interview Advice

This year, we are blessed with some great professionals from career services from UNC-Wilmington and Anderson University to guide students in how to properly prepare for a professional interview. In addition, we have a professor to give his personal advice to students and a professional who is the one asking the questions in these interviews. Come hear what you need to know about how to prepare for an interview in computing!

Cutting Edge Research

We will have talks on research going on right now to make our world a better place. Learn all about it and how you can get involved or bring your own ideas from dream to reality!

Participation Opportunities

Lightening Talks

Lightening Talks are short conversations with one another to express anything about computing you want to! These laid back presentations are a great way to get some speaking experience at a conference and share your experiences or your ideas and get feedback or help toward achieving your goal. Come share what you can do! To participate, start by sending a sentence or two describing your intention to Dr. Paige Meeker at pmeeker@andersonuniversity.edu and then check out that scholarship application – you can probably come for free!


Done something you’re particularly proud of? Want to present your research to others and get feedback? The poster presentation is for you. Check out the guidelines here and then email a description of your intent to Dr. Paige Meeker at pmeeker@andersonuniversity.edu – then check out that scholarship app – you can probably come for free!

Paper Presentation

Is your research far along? Potentially publishable? Want to hear others insights and suggestions? Present your work here. It will be reviewed and, if accepted printed in our program and you’ll be given a time slot to present. Email an abstract to Dr. Paige Meeker at pmeeker@andersonuniversity.edu and then fill out that scholarship app – you can probably come for free!

More info and examples of each type of presentation found here!

Costs and Lodging

Scholarships Available

Can we say again how much we want you to come? So much that sponsors have made your travel possible! Fill out the Scholarship Application and you should receive a coupon code for registration that will make your journey free – all this great information plus meals and snacks for free! It’s a no-brainer. Click on the application link, fill it out, and you should hear from us soon. For students who are not local to the area, this will also include a shared hotel room – just let us know what you need! We can’t wait to see you in Anderson in March!