Heather Bauer

Heather Bauer serves as the Program Coordinator for Coursepower (Applied Computing Minor), a state-wide initiative that believes, regardless of major, students need to have an understanding of information technology. She also serves as chair for IT-oLogy’s Women in IT, Science and Engineering (WISE) and Google Women Techmakers group. The program is dedicated to increasing the number of women in the IT talent pipeline. Through outreach, events and networking, WISE connects and engages the IT ecosystem promoting opportunity, creating visibility and interest in IT careers for girls, college women, and advancing women in the IT profession. Heather is also a tech entrepreneur and actively works in the community to promote women in entrepreneurship. With her startup, Vesta, users are no longer limited to big box stores for their wedding registry. Users can register at any local store for gifts they want with their mobile device. With Vesta, registrants are gifted unique pieces to match their lifestyle and their loved ones can feel good about getting gifts that are meaningful and special. Not only that, they are supporting local businesses and artisans. Her eclectic background and experience in interior design, art history, project and people management, production, marketing, and technology, has lead her unique path to entrepreneurship and technology.

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