Self-Care In Virtual Reality: Build Your Own Meditation App

Dip your feet into Virtual Reality Development with a custom built meditation app. Participants will learn how to design an outdoor scene, make it VR ready, and configure the lights and sounds to their preference. No background knowledge in Unity needed, students from UNCW’s Mixed Reality Lab will give a small primer on the tools and take you through the project step by step.


Educational Robotics

In recent years, the use of educational robotics has increased in STEM education as a creative process based on a hands-on learning  experience.  By participating  in  the  construction, programming, and manipulation of a robot, students have opportunities to apply their knowledge of science, technology, and social skills. Although it does not imply a pedagogy by itself, educational robotics can play a crucial role of being an exciting tool in the lab to teach entry-level concepts, and a comprehensive science lab setup to teach upper-level topics like physics or artificial intelligence (AI). In this workshop, Dr. Yang Song and his students will present their work on educational robotics done at UNCW.  


Introduction to 3D Modeling

Learn the fundamentals of creating 3D models using Autodesk Maya – the software used by companies worldwide (including Pixar) for creating animations and visual effects.  This workshop is meant for students and educators with no experience in 3D modeling.  We’ll cover basic building blocks and have time for you to create your own 3D models.  This workshop will be led by Dr. Brittany Morago who teaches digital arts classes at UNCW.