Demo Submissions

Research Demos: Participants need to create and submit an original project. This may include any computing systems that CWIC attendants can run with their own devices or with devices that you provide. You have to create an environment that will allow people to interact or observe a certain topic in all areas related to computing and technology. Selected demo submissions will be required to provide a runnable demonstration of their work using some standard hardware.  

Demo and Poster Submissions Guidelines:

  • Two-Page Abstract Paper: Authors must submit a short paper of two pages,with a description of the solution, details about software developed, a brief description of the closest related work and how your system is novel, and a description of how you iterated upon the design.Paper format should use the following ACM Proceedings Template found at The ACM link above has a word template, latex template (as well as an overleaf template). (The templates should have a two column format).
  • Video: Authors will also submit a video that presents the solution to the public,including an explanation of the equipment, software, and interaction techniques used to solve the problem. If your submission is accepted, the video will be made publicly available. Videos should have a length of approximately 4 minutes and should include the title along with the names and affiliations of the team members.The submitted file should be a high-quality compressed video with a size of no more than 300 MB and submitted via the submission system or a link to an unlisted youtube video/alike.


Email your submissions to Dr. Paige H. Meeker at pmeeker at andersonuniversity dot edu