What topics are appropriate for a poster?

You do not have to have conducted research to participate.  Ethical issues, social issues and curricular issues of computing are sources of natural topics.

 How do I create a poster?

You may consult the following link from the ACM for advice on how to create posters: ACM Crossroads Advice on Creating Posters (search for poster 101).

 What is a lightning talk?

Lightning Talks are five minute mini presentations that can range from a class project, research, inside information on how to survive a computing major, programming tips, ideas on how to create a successful women in computing group, etc. The following two links provide helpfull tips for giving lighting talks or public speaking in general: Advice on How to Give a Good Lightning Talk by Mark Fowler and How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear by Morton C. Orman, M.D.

 Who may apply for scholarship application?

Undergarduate and graduate students may apply for a scholarship.
For more information contact: Marguerite Doman (domanm@winthrop.edu)
See committee page for more contact information.